The Top 5 Critical Accounting Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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It all began in 1979 with a vision of helping the small business owner achieve their dream of running a financially sound company. That vision turned into a successful accounting, payroll, tax and business consulting firm located in Waukesha and expanding into West Bend, Onalaska and Madison, Wisconsin.

Find out what you can do to avoid critical accounting mistakes that small businesses make.

Are you seeking someone to manage your small business’s accounting needs or are you looking to improve your accounting services? EWH Small Business Accounting provides you the right tools and services to bolster your current accounting processes and implement new practices that save you money. In order to optimize business output on a month-to-month basis, we’ve created a report that is simple to understand and provides a quick and accurate picture of your business’s activity.

In addition, we will present you with a monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales and expenses (which are also referred to as a Profit and Loss statement), a balance sheet that summarizes your total business assets, liabilities and net worth at any given point in time. This will help you make more informed decisions about capital expenditures or how to improve profits.

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