Accounting for Automotive & Body Shops

Keeping the Financial Gears Well Oiled

It is a highly technical, skilled, “get your hands dirty” type of job. But for those of you who prefer being in the shop over the 9-5 office setting, it’s a passion first and a business second. However, when it comes to managing the numbers in your auto repair or body shop, it shouldn’t just be focused on a classic car’s mileage, the correct part number to order, or how many quarts of oil to stock. It should be focused on the performance, reliability, and financial horsepower you have as a small business.

Whether you perform general auto repair, specialize in classic restoration, or run a collision and auto body repair center, there are many universal financial challenges in the automotive industry:

  • Managing a costly and valuable parts inventory
  • Tracking equipment and its tax effects and maximizing those benefits
  • Relying on an insurance approval and payments to start work and manage cash flow
  • Accounting and planning for overtime staffing costs during high volume seasons, such as winter storm collision season
  • Guiding you through the financing process for large equipment purchases, tools, tow truck or other vehicle purchases

And, of course managing the complex nature of automotive charges and properly taxing for different service rates, parts, and disposal fees.

Service writer with a clipboard in an automotive shop

Get in the Financial Fast Lane

Being limited by your understanding of the financials in your business is like sitting in traffic, or worse yet, being stuck in the right lane as other businesses pass by you. Be it payroll, bookkeeping, tax planning, or simply understanding your financial statements, EWH Small Business Accounting’s experience in auto repair is unique. And, our education platform – EWH University – helps you get in the fast lane with fun, easy to understand workshops in Madison, LaCrosse, or the Greater Milwaukee area.

EWH University

Our EWH University for Small Business focuses on simple, easy, and fun ways to explore your small business. Our workshops will guide you to that “ah-ha” moment where it all makes sense, and empower you to turn more of your business decisions into measurable financial results.

Fine Tuning the Numbers

You can make the engine purr. But at EWH Small Business Accounting, we like to spend time on your finances to make sure your business engine purrs. Our complimentary consultation is somewhat like a multi-point inspection. You have the chance to tell us more about your financial challenges and get to know our process and systems. We’ll review things like your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll and give you our recommendations for how to keep your business running smoothly for years to come.

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