Building Is Hard, Building a Business Is Even Harder

There are not many people who work as hard as those in the construction industry. Long hours, tiresome manual labor, demanding customers, and unreliable subcontractors are everyday hurdles. Excellent planning, scheduling, and estimating are essential to your business. But when it comes to numbers, they should mean more than the interior dimensions of a window, number of spindles on a railing, or the billing rates of your subcontractors. Building a firm financial foundation gives your business structural integrity – helping you manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

The side of your truck says free estimates. At EWH Small Business Accounting we follow the same philosophy. We offer complimentary consultations, where you have the chance to tell us more about the financial challenges you face, and get to know our process and systems as well. We’ll review things like your accounting and bookkeeping setup through QuickBooks™ or Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree). We’ll give you an estimate up front for the work, so there are fewer surprises along the way.

Building Success Beyond the Blueprint

Whether you are a builder, remodeler, landscaper, electrician, plumber, carpenter, or another skilled tradesperson, there are challenges far beyond what you face on the job-site:

  • Ensuring accurate reporting of sales and use tax, guiding through regulatory compliance
  • Streamlining subcontractor invoicing, payments, and year-end 1099 reporting
  • Addressing upfront costs of materials and supplies, optimizing cash flow approval processes
  • Precision in bidding, client budget management, and handling change orders
  • Efficient budgeting and financing for substantial equipment, trucks, and tools

And, in a highly seasonal business, balancing labor shortages, the fluctuation of staffing, and overtime with the cash flow concerns of the slower seasons.

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