Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll Services for Childcare Facilities

Caring for Your Numbers Like You Care for Kids

There is something special about caring for your children. There is something even more special about caring for other people’s children. But what about caring for your business? Managing the numbers in your business shouldn’t be just about student to teacher ratios, the minutes until nap time or the temperature of a sick toddler. Managing the numbers should help you plan for childcare equipment, curriculum costs, space, and staff. Invest in the future of the children in your care by investing in the future of your business and let EWH Small Business Accounting help you get a solid grasp on your finances.

Whether you care for one child in your home, or have multiple daycare facility locations across Wisconsin, there are unique financial challenges in the world of childcare:

  • Qualifying for state funding and correctly reporting to them in return
  • Maximizing available cash for payroll and monitoring your payroll to ease cash flow constraints
  • Obtaining financing for facility improvements and additional locations

And, of course, balancing overall company profitability with the best possible childcare your center can offer.

Parents at a childcare facility reviewing a report

Education Drives Opportunity in Life

From a franchise childcare facility near a busy corporate park in Waukesha, to the flexibility of an in-home business in LaCrosse, or the satisfaction that comes from offering unique or alternative child care services in Madison, there are many models in the industry. Each can be profitable, successful, and fulfilling businesses, but in childcare, education is key.

Children who are exposed to early learning opportunities, have more opportunities to succeed – the same applies to business owners. Our education platform and easy to comprehend workshops through – EWH University – are great ways to gain a step up, leaving you prepared, confident, and on track for a successful future.

EWH University

Our EWH University for Small Business focuses on simple, easy, and fun ways to explore your small business. Our workshops will guide you to that “ah-ha” moment where it all makes sense, and empower you to turn more of your business decisions into measurable financial results.

A Healthy Future for Your ``Baby``

Let’s face it. Managing the finances in your business will never be like a day at the playground. But with help, you can make the numbers behave quite well. At EWH Small Business Accounting we offer complimentary consultations, where you have the chance to tell us more about your financial challenges and get to know our process and systems. We’ll review things like your accounting, bookkeeping and payroll and give you our recommendations for how to build a disciplined, healthy and successful financial future for your “baby.”

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