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Serving Small Businesses & Small Budgets Since 1979

Any good business knows they are only as strong as their numbers – You need to be able to report on them, understand them, and trust them. At EWH Small Business Accounting we help you find strength in your numbers.

It all began in 1979, with a vision of helping the small business owner achieve their dream of running a financially sound company. That vision turned into a successful accounting, payroll, tax, and business consulting firm located in Waukesha and expanding to West Bend, Onalaska, and Madison.

Over the years, the team at EWH has shared their skills and knowledge with thousands of small businesses producing more than 125,000 financial statements, working with over 2,200 businesses monthly and thousands more at year end. We help observe the business patterns that lead to success or failure and share that knowledge with you through our EWH University workshops.


Bottom Line –
We Love Accounting.

How We Work

We start by getting to know you, understanding your systems, and correcting any errors we find – setting your slate clean,preventing all sorts of problems down the road. But it doesn’t stop there, our simple flat fee accounting packages give you access to ongoing needs like payroll, taxes, and producing regular financial statements – so you can continue to operate smoothly for years to come.

EWH Accounting Packages

Imagine a membership program, but for your accounting and business finances. With EWH Small Business Accounting packages, you’ll have access to reliable services like payroll, tax filing, reconciling accounts, financial statements, and educational workshops, but there’s no guessing at what the bill will be. A simple flat fee, a sound strategy, and straight forward advice.

“Gillette Body & Paint has been with EWH since we opened up 18 years ago. They have given us exceptional service. The staff is friendly and always willing to help us out when needed. I couldn’t imagine service like that anywhere else.”

Kathy and Todd Gillette, Gillette Body & Paint

“The EWH staff does an outstanding job on my accounting and weekly payroll. I look forward to picking up my payroll because of how enthusiastic and pleasant the employees are. I’m always greeted with a smile.”

Richard Zuknik, President, Cornerstone Construction of SE WI Inc.

“EWH has been an integral part of our business. Roy Heine, CPA, and the professionals at EWH have guided us through the challenges of running a small business, helping us achieve the results we want.”

Dr. Thomas Castillo and Dr. Jay Wilkins, Vita Park Eye Associates

“The professionals at EWH have designed a system of support enabling our company to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits.”

Owner, Automotive Repair Shop (Franklin, WI)

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