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Finding the Right Menu for Your Business

When it comes to math, you know how many ounces are in a pour, how many cups go into the recipe, and how to calculate a great tip. As a restaurant or bar owner, GM or the manager of another hospitality business, you have to be on your game when it comes to numbers. But not just food inventory and table reservations – to be truly successful, you need to understand the financials behind your business.

Whether you are a restaurant, diner, bar, bakery, catering company, the corner deli or grocery store, at EWH Small Business Accounting we know your daily struggles:

  • Working many nights and weekends leaves you little time for accounting
  • Managing complex processes like tip reporting and payroll
  • Calculating your food, liquor, and labor costs
  • Reducing spoilage and theft to increase profitability
  • Working with franchise systems and the unique financial reporting challenges
  • Dealing with high turnover among staff, not to mention scheduling and timekeeping challenges

And, the most scary of them all, avoid being just another statistic contributing to high industry failure rates.

Chef in restaurant carrying a tray of buns and rolls

Find the Right Menu of Accounting Services

Just like you would not put a hot dog on the menu at a steakhouse, you have to find the right menu of accounting and financial services for your business. Be it payroll, bookkeeping, reconciling sales to deposits, or simply understanding your financial statements, EWH Small Business Accounting has a proven system that is perfect for small hospitality businesses. Our educational platform – EWH University – helps you make the most out of your business with fun, easy to understand workshops.

EWH University

Our EWH University for Small Business focuses on simple, easy, and fun ways to explore your small business. Our workshops will guide you to that “ah-ha” moment where it all makes sense, and empower you to turn more of your business decisions into measurable financial results.

Invested in the Wisconsin Restaurant Association

Whether serving on their hotline answering questions from restauranteurs around the state, or writing a quarterly article with their quarterly publication, our work with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association and our daily interaction performing bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services for bars, restaurants, and other food and beverage companies is unmatched across Wisconsin – be it in Madison, West Bend, La Crosse, or the Greater Milwaukee area!

EWH Small Business Accounting was proud to be named the 2014 WRA Educational Foundation “Salute to Excellence Supplier Award”, and the 2015 WRA Milwaukee Chapter Supplier of the Year.

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Taste It for Yourself

Sampling is a proven sales tactic in the food industry, and at EWH Small Business Accounting we follow the same philosophy. We offer complimentary consultations, where you have the chance to tell us more about your financial challenges and get to know our process and systems. We’ll review our menu of services, and before we ever get started, we’ll give you up front pricing so there isn’t a surprise when the tab comes! If you need a second tasting to help you decide, we offer our Financial Essentials and Fundamentals of Financials workshops to help educate clients.

Critical Account Mistakes Small Businesses Make
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