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When it comes to math, you know how many ounces are in a pour, how many cups go into the recipe, and how to calculate a great tip. As a restaurant or bar owner, GM or the manager of another hospitality business, you have to be on your game when it comes to numbers. But not just food inventory and table reservations – to be truly successful, you need to understand the financials behind your business.

Whether you operate a restaurant, diner, bar, bakery, catering company, corner deli, or grocery store, EWH Small Business Accounting understands the daily challenges you face. Our goal is to assist you in overcoming these obstacles and, most importantly, to prevent becoming another statistic contributing to the industry’s high failure rates.

  • Working many nights and weekends leaves you little time for accounting
  • Handling intricate tasks such as tip reporting, payroll, and cost calculations
  • Reducing spoilage and theft to increase profitability
  • Navigating unique financial reporting challenges in franchise systems
  • Addressing high staff turnover, along with scheduling and timekeeping difficulties

Invested in the Wisconsin Restaurant Association

Engaging with the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, we stand out in our commitment to providing exceptional services. Whether it’s addressing inquiries from restaurateurs across the state on their hotline, contributing quarterly articles to their publication, or seamlessly managing bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll for bars, restaurants, and other food and beverage establishments, our daily interactions set us apart. Our unparalleled services extend across Wisconsin, from Madison and West Bend to La Crosse and the Greater Milwaukee area.

EWH Small Business Accounting takes pride in receiving accolades such as the 2014 WRA Educational Foundation “Salute to Excellence Supplier Award” and the 2015 WRA Milwaukee Chapter Supplier of the Year.

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