We’ve Got Answers to What’s Keeping You Up at Night

Too many small business owners stay up at night worrying about things like cash flow, payroll, taxes, or even how much this month’s accounting bill will cost. You can relax knowing EWH will count the beans so you don’t have to count the sheep. While we can’t answer all life’s questions, we can answer some of them for you:

Can you work with QuickBooks™?

Yes! Technology is great if it’s setup, configured and used properly. We work with small businesses all the time who are using QuickBooks™, Sage (formerly Peachtree), or other accounting software. As certified advisors, we can help you get the most out of your software. Read more!

What types of businesses do you work with?

We provide accounting services for all business types: advertising, automotive, business services, construction, financial, legal, manufacturing, medical, retail, restaurant, recruitment, technology, travel and lodging, and wholesale, to name a few. This allows us to have the knowledge and expertise no matter what type of small business you are.

How much do you charge for services?

The investment in our service is based on the activity and complexity of your small business. We determine a fee that guarantees the investment is economical and affordable for your small business. This set fee will be the same, each period.

Who will I be meeting with?

Initially we schedule the first meeting with one of our small business experts. They specialize in helping business owners with their accounting process. Once we’ve determined where you are at with your business accounting process and how we will proceed, we will schedule a second meeting with one of our Accountants to begin implementing your accounting solution.

Can you just file my taxes?

Yes! While we work with small businesses throughout the year, we also prepare tax returns for business and individuals who don’t need year-round help. For more information, visit our tax planning and tax services page.

Why are you so affordable? Am I missing something?

There isn’t a catch. Our team has developed a system that enables us to streamline and process your account efficiently, therefore making accounting costs economical and affordable. EWH invests the time and effort up front educating new clients to understand their numbers simply by using the tools we give them – a Financial Statement that will allow you to more consistently produce the results and stability you are looking for.

How is success measured?

We measure success by the number of years we service a client. More than 65% of EWH’s client base has been in business for more than 5 years. That figure is remarkable since 80% of most small businesses go out of business within their first 5 years. EWH is successful for one reason…we retain our satisfied clients. So ultimately, our success is our client’s success.

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