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Many small businesses can’t afford a question mark when it comes to paying for professional services – so they only invest in the essentials like tax preparation and payroll. Our approach is different.

While other accounting firms focus on billable hours, our flat fee structure lets us focus on you. Imagine a membership program, but for your accounting and bookkeeping needs. We’ll manage your finances and meet regularly with you to talk about your business’s growth. It’s a simple flat fee, a sound strategy, and straight forward advice.

Once you have accurate and timely financial practices in your business, your accountant can offer you helpful guidance like:

  • Monitoring your sales, expenses, cash flow, and profitability
  • Forecasting and budgeting for your small business
  • Assisting you with growth, capital investments, and financing
  • Planning for the future sale of your business
  • Helping minimize your tax liability by how you take money out of your business
  • How to build wealth outside of your business

Business Guidance Based On the Numbers

Are you using the DIY method of accounting in your small business? Otherwise known as:

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    Making Decisions based on your current checking account balance?
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    Ignoring the pile of receipts on your desk?
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    Yelling at your statements that won’t reconcile?

Trying to go at accounting and finances alone can be frustrating for any small business owner. Instead, find an accounting partner that lets you:

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    Do what you love
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    Invest your time wisely
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    Focus on Your strengths
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