Excellent Patient Care Starts With a Healthy Practice

Perhaps the most complex industry in the world, healthcare is ever changing and evolving. From the nature of human beings struggling with pain, to managing tightening regulations and insurance reimbursement, practice management has never been so challenging. As a physician, dentist, chiropractor, home health agency, or other medical provider, numbers are more than just a patient’s ID number, lab results, or date of birth. Numbers are the life-blood of your practice. To run a truly successful healthcare business, you need to understand the financials behind excellent patient care.

Without a history and physical, coming to an accurate diagnosis and plan of care is impossible. At EWH Small Business Accounting we follow the same philosophy. We offer complimentary consultations, where you have the chance to tell us more about your financial challenges and get to know our process and systems. We’ll review things like your accounting and bookkeeping and give you our recommendations for how to foster healthy financials in your small healthcare practice.

  • Working many nights and weekends leaves you little time for accounting
  • Handling intricate tasks such as tip reporting, payroll, and cost calculations
  • Reducing spoilage and theft to increase profitability
  • Navigating unique financial reporting challenges in franchise systems
  • Addressing high staff turnover, along with scheduling and timekeeping difficulties

Navigating the Business Side of Healthcare

Whether you’re the provider, clinic manager, or a billing and insurance claims specialist, we empathize with the challenges you’re encountering in your healthcare practice:

  • Effectively managing cash flow, billing processes, and reimbursement cycles.
  • Accurately accounting for contracted rates, allowables, co-pays, and write-offs.
  • Addressing the financial aspects of supplies, inventory, and high-cost equipment.
  • Administering fair and precise pension and profit-sharing plans within your medical group.
  • Striking a balance between expense ratio and professional profit in the practice.
  • Assessing opportunities for potential mergers, acquisitions, or the sale of your practice.

We recognize the industry-wide challenges, including the continual decline in reimbursement rates and the need to navigate the complex changes and regulations impacting your practice.

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