The Fundamental Skills & Tools to Run Your Business Profitably and Successfully

Built Around the Needs and Budget of Your Company

Do you ever feel like you are upside down in your business? Or worse yet – unsure of yourself when it comes to running or making a decision in your business? No one teaches us how to run a business, so its natural to feel a lost, overwhelmed, or stressed out at times when being in business.

Our EWH University for Small Business focus on simple, easy, and fun ways to explore your small business, guiding you to that “ah-ha” moment where it all makes sense so you can run your small business more profitably and successfully, and have more fun while doing it!. 

“Even though I knew nothing about today’s topics and was nervous coming in, I immediately felt at ease. I was comfortable interacting and enjoyed the day, learned a lot.”

Kim Seidler, Cousins Subs – Business Consultant

“AWESOME!! Great way to present the material in a clear and concise manner with the mind of an entrepreneur and not an accountant.”

Lindsey Roder, Youdia Digital LLC (Brookfield, WI)

“After finishing the class, I have less worries about my business finances. I no longer feel helpless about how to grow my business. I can now set goals that are reasonable and accurate.”

Dr. Thomas Matzke, Matzke Chiropractic (De Pere, WI)

“Through the Financial Essentials workshop, for the first time in over 15 years of doing business, I feel I understand my financial statement.”

Arthur Mays, Realty Among Friends LLC (Milwaukee, WI)

Business Essentials Workshop

  • Half Day session
  • Understand your Numbers
  • Ways to improve Profits and Cash flow
  • Better Understand people
  • Improve your communication
  • 10 Secrets to Success


Tax Essentials Workshop

  • 2 hour session
  • Designed for business owners not accountants
  • Understand how taxes works
  • Avoid unnecessary risks or mistakes on taxes
  • Vehicles to save and minimize yours Taxes


Cash Flow Essentials Workshop

  • 90-minute session
  • Designed for business owners, not accountants!
  • Get insight on how to Implement a Numbers-Based Strategy
  • Learn how to Increase Cash Flow
  • Leave knowing how to read your Financial Statement!







Cash Flow Fundamentals Workshop

  • Two 4-hour sessions, choose one or both!
  • Morning – Cash Flow Focus, Afternoon – Profitability Focus
  • Designed for anyone who wants a better understanding of business finances
  • A review of your Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, P & L, Cash Flow Statement
  • Learn about KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Learn about Tax Planning and Strategy
  • Understand your Assets and Liabilities
  • Get tips for Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Focus on Cash and Cash Management
  • Learn about the 10 Levers to Increase Sales, Profits, and Cash Flow
  • Leave with a plan to Improve Cash Flow and Profit!

Strategic Planning and Budgeting Workshop

  • Learn how to Forecast Sales
  • Learn how to put a budget together to Budget for Profitability and Cash Flow
  • Utilize a 6-Week Cash Flow Forecast
  • Learn how design and implement KPI dashboards
  • Understand the 10 Stages of the Life Cycle of a Business
  • Learn about the 10 areas to focus on as your business grows.
  • Create a Road Map to Grow and Build your Business
  • Walk away with a 1 year Strategic Plan



Personal Finances and Money Management Workshop

  • Go Home with a Personal Budget in place
  • Understanding the Difference between Earnings and Net Worth
  • Understand a Personal Financial Statement and a Statement of Net Worth
  • Learn 2 Strategies to Increase your Net Worth
  • Understand Good Debt vs. Bad Debt,  Appreciating Assets and Depreciating Assets
  • Learn about the Psychology of Wealth
  • Learn about Debt Reduction Strategy
  • Learn how to Make Money Work for You and the Power of Compounding

Connecting the Dots: Understanding the 4 DISC Communication Styles 

  • The universal language of the DISC Communication and Behavioral Model
  • The importance of understanding individual strengths and potential limitations
  • Recognizing the motivational drives and fears in yourself and others
  • Learn how to “read” others and adapt your style for better communication
  • Potential stressors for you and ways to recharge your batteries

Your Attitude is Showing

  • Understanding your own and others’ motivator perspectives
  • Recognizing the impact your motivators have on your decision-making and that of others
  • Identifying the motivators and values of others
  • Appreciating each other’s differences
  • Working through conflict of values to create positive outcomes



Succession Planning For Business Owners Workshop

  • Who will you be selling to – Employees, family members, outside buyers?
  • What are the opportunities and risks of each?
  • Learn the primary ways to structure the sale financially
  • Understand the tax implications of how the buyout is structured
  • Understand how the tax implications impact the purchase price
  • Figure out how much your business is worth


Ten Secrets to Achieving Results in Your Small Business

Since 1979 EWH Small Business Accounting has worked with over 2,200 Small Businesses on a monthly basis, not to mention thousands of others at year end. This means we have produced over 750,000 Financial Statements.  

This has given us an incredible microcosm (sample) of small businesses to study, allowing us to see the patterns that lead to success and patterns that were less than successful.  We have packed these patterns into the Ten Secrets to Achieving Results in your Small Business.

The Sales Conversation

In any sales process there are steps to making the sale easier and more successful for both you and your prospect. Starting from building rapport with potential clients, knowing what they want and need, and communicating it in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of the sale process, how to better facilitate and present the sales conversation making you more effective with your prospective clients and customers, thereby increasing your closing rates and empowering you to make more money!

What you’ll get:

  • The 6 steps of the sales conversation
  • How to build rapport with someone in a matter of minutes
  • Methods for how to construct your presentations of what you do and how you do it
  • How to provide your client with the education and information they need to make an informed decision
  • Creating a 30-second pitch

The Team Conversation

Get ready for our brand new workshop, Team Workshop!

This course was designed to provide you insight into hiring, interviewing, managing, motivating and lead your team. .




You Inc.

With busy and fast moving lives we sometimes take care of everyone else first and neglect to give ourselves the time we so valuably need. In our You Inc. program you will learn the steps to building the best you  for your business, career, and your life. You will leave with the knowledge to empower yourself to create the changes you want in your life that will lead to the results you are looking for! Make YOU a priority.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to take care of yourself so you can lead your business or career to success
  • How to set goals and design your own personal goals for next year
  • Healthy ways to take a timeout, pause, and reflect
  • How to prevent the events of your past from holding you back
  • How to design your future the way you always wanted
  • How to create and install the habits of success
  • How to be successful and feel the fulfillment so many long for

Stay Tuned for more…

 We are always thinking about new courses to offer, or innovating the ones we have. Stay tuned as we grow and  expand our programs.










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A challenge facing many small business owners is they have never been taught the business skills and tools for success. EWH University workshops will teach you the skills and tools you and your team need to run your business  profitably and successfully.

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