Be more effective in client communications!

Learn How to Translate the Language When Speaking with Clients!

Want to learn how to translate the language of accounting to add more value and be more effective in your client communications?

As accountants and individuals in the accounting industry, we understand one of the most important aspects of business: the language of business. This workshop includes a variety of topics most accountants know and are familiar with. The value you gain from this workshop is recognizing how to translate the language of accounting to your clients. It’s one thing to know the language – it’s another to teach it.

By investing the day with us you will leave with the understanding of how to explain some the toughest accounting topics that many small business owners don’t understand about their finances.  Learn how to become more effective when presenting:

  • A Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • The difference between a client’s Profit Position and Cash Position
  • Importance of KPI’s and what a KPI is
  • A company’s Break-even Point
  • The tax benefits of an S Corporation
  • Section 179 Depreciation
  • Cost Segregation Study
  • How taxes work in a small business
  • The benefits of 401K’s, Simple IRA’s and other Retirement Plans
  • Cash vs. Accrual Accounting

Upon completing this workshop you will walk away with a packet of a one-page summary that includes a visual and brief writing description to help explain these topics to your small business clients.

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