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Have you ever asked yourself why people do what they do? Have you ever wanted to influence someone into bettering themselves in a role? Do you know what their natural strengths are to best identify someone for a role? Do you want to help with their training and performance development? Assessments are a powerful tool to help you understand yourself and your team. These tools help to create better communication, grow relationships, and form a stronger bond with your team and clients.

At EWH University, we would like to show you how much of an impact an assessment can have at your workplace. Great communication and a better understanding can help your business and employees grow to be the best version of themselves.

As certified coaches, our experience working with multiple talent and motivator assessments helps you leverage the unique traits of your people.

“Through the Financial Essentials workshop, for the first time in over 15 years of doing business, I feel I understand my financial statement.”

Arthur Mays, Realty Among Friends LLC (Milwaukee, WI)

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Team Assessments & Personality Profiles

Discover, Learn & Succeed Together

Growth is something that everyone strives for. What better way to grow as an individual or as a team than with one of our assessments! Are your people gossiping, injecting drama into your business, having too much “water-cooler talk,” or in-fighting? Does your culture have a tendency towards cliques? Or do you just have dysfunctional communication that is stifling your growth? Are you trying to find the right fit for a position or identify someone’s natural strengths to determine the best training and development path? Do you want to know how to become a better leader and how to lead your team to better results? Assessments are a great way to build understanding and empathy for each other, strengthening your team, your business, and interpersonal communication!

DISC (Behaviors)

DISC reveals how individuals communicate and how to manage and motivate them. Measured by Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance, we identify what team members look for in their role and how they respond to:

Problems & Challenges | Influencing Others
Pace of Environment | Rules & Procedures


Motivators uncover what drives and engages an individual inside and outside of work. Ultimately, this is what sparks their ambition and drive. By understanding someone’s motivation, you can leverage it to achieve the results you desire for your organization. The six Motivators include:

Theoretical | Aesthetic
Utilitarian | Social
Individualistic | Tradition

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is just as important as a person’s IQ. This assessment walks you through the 15 factors of emotional intelligence and reviews one’s strengths and weaknesses. It offers insight and strategies for you to improve your Emotional Intelligence and leadership.

Competencies (Skills)

Competencies testing ensures the skills of an individual match the soft skills required in a job by measuring 25 research-based personal skills. When it comes to performance, soft skills (also known as personal skills) are just as important in the workplace as technical skills. We rank these 25 indicators, helping prioritize which areas need improvement.

Work Environment

Struggling with an employee in the wrong position or finding the right candidate to hire can be a lot of work and take a lot of time. Our Work Environment assessment helps you evaluate future candidates, better understand why someone is struggling in their current role, or who the ideal candidate for the position is.

Team Reports

Team Reports display the results of your team as a whole or for two or more individuals. This provides you with an inventory of all of your team’s talents, strengths, weaknesses, and communication skills. The goal is to help strengthen your team as they better understand each other and themselves while figuring out their strengths and any gaps that may need to be filled.

Spiral Dynamics

Understanding the seven levels of thinking/values systems gives us insight on how someone thinks, interacts, and copes with the world. Spiral Dynamics focuses on what makes people do what they do, helps us understand how we think about the things we think about, and provides perspective as to why some are more successful in their roles than others.

Stay Tuned

We are always looking for new tools to help individuals and teams thrive. Stay tuned to see what other tools we find!

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