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Want to learn the secrets we have learned from working with over 2,200 Small Businesses on a monthly basis, and thousands of other annual? Then join us for our “Ten Secrets” workshop!

Since 1979 EWH Small Business Accounting has worked with over 2,200 Small Businesses on a monthly basis, not to mention thousands of others at year end. This means we have produced over 750,000 Financial Statements.

Throughout our 38 years of business we have gathered an incredible microcosm (sample) of small businesses to study. With this sample we began to see patterns, patterns of what worked and what didn’t in small businesses.

Reflecting on his years of experience working with many small business owners, CEO Ed Hastreiter has developed a list of “Ten Secrets” based on the patterns of success and failure he has witnessed. Success in business cannot be guaranteed – implement these Ten Secrets and your chances of success will be far greater!

Ed’s Ten Secrets Include:

  1. Product or Service Exceeds Customer Expectations
  2. Quality, Well Trained Staff
  3. Owners Work ON Their Business, Not IN Their Business
  4. Solid Financial Equity
  5. Learning is a Life-Long Commitment
  6. Owner Must Have Integrity
  7. Owners Have a Passion for Their Business
  8. Deal with Facts and Not Opinions
  9. Grow Smart by Setting Written Goals
  10. Have and Know Your Business Model

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