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Learn the In’s and Out’s of Succession Planning!

Looking for a quick overview of how to go about succession planning, and how to sell a business? In this fast-paced, two hour session you’ll get a sneak peak at the essentials you need to be aware of when it comes to this topic!

What You’ll Get

Looking to understand more about succession planning or how to go about selling your business? In this session EWH will teach you the options, advantages, and disadvantages of how to approach succession planning and the sale of your business, including:


  • Who will you be selling to:
    • Your employees?
    • An outside buyer?
    • A family member?
  • What are the opportunities and risks of each?
  • Learn the primary ways to structure the sale financially
  • Understand the tax implications of how the buyout is structured
  • Understand how the tax implications impact the purchase price
  • Figure out how much your business is worth

This session is organized in a simple, easy, and fun format, enabling you to better understand succession planning! Sign up today!

Cost: Contact us for more information!

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