Make more Sales!

Learn the 6 Essential Steps and Skills to Closing More Sales!

Want to learn the essential skills and tools to bring in more business and make more money? Then join us for this workshop!

Sales Leadership A to Z will teach you the essentials of how to sell monthly accounting, payroll and tax service. This course was designed to teach you how to become a trusted advisor to your clients and prospects.

As a Trusted Advisor, you position yourself as the expert. Once you have established the trust and credibility, you allow the prospect to buy, and the sale instantly becomes easier. You no longer are just a Salesperson, you’re their trusted advisor. You stand out above the rest as someone they can confide in and

In this two day training you will learn:

  • The Trusted Advisor Leadership Model
  • How to build rapport with clients and prospects in a matter of minutes
  • How to effectively probe and discover all the information you will need to practice objection avoidance and properly present your services that applies to the clients wants, needs, and hot buttons.
  • How to effectively utilize feature benefit selling in your presentation and how to tie those features back to the clients hot buttons
  • Methods for Presenting and Educating your customer on your product or service
  • How to bridge and handle objections, and most importantly how to avoid them all together
  • How to close the sale

Cost: Free for EWH clients! If you are not yet a client, contact us for pricing information.

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