The Basics of Managing Money

Join Us for an Upcoming Workshop about Personal Finances!

Looking to learn the essential skills and tools of managing your personal finances and money? This half-day workshop is great for both adults and children interested in learning the basics of money management.

What You’ll Get

  • Understanding personal finances
  • Putting together your financial team
  • How to put together a personal budget
  • Implement a 6-week cash flow forecast
  • Understanding the difference between earnings and net worth
  • Understand a personal financial statement and a statement of net worth
  • Learn the 2 strategies to increase your net worth
  • Good debt vs. bad debt
  • Understand the difference of appreciating assets and depreciating assets
  • Learn about the psychology of wealth
  • Learn about debt-reduction strategy
  • Learn how to make money work for you
  • Learn about the power of compounding
  • Learn about how to build up wealth outside your business

This session is organized in a simple, easy, and fun format, enabling you to better manage your personal finances! Sign up today!

Cost: Contact us for pricing information!

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