Building High Performance Teams

Connecting the Dots: The 6 Key Motivators to Managing and Motivating Your Team

Looking for a quick overview of what makes people tick and why they do what they do? Then join us for our upcoming Motivators workshop!

What You’ll Get

Are you having trouble understanding why your friends, family, and colleagues are not making the decisions in their lives like you think they should? In today’s world, individuals and organizations are facing changes in technology, work ethics, lifestyle differences, labor shortages and customer demands that most of us would not have imagined five years ago. The key to being able to capitalize on these changes is understanding the Motivators Model and why people do what they do.

Our program will cover the following:

  • Understanding your own and others’ motivator perspectives
  • Recognizing the impact your motivators have on your decision-making and that of others
  • Identifying the motivators/values perspectives of others
  • Appreciating each other’s differences
  • Working through conflict to create positive outcomes

Cost: Contact us for pricing information!

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