Building High Performance Teams.

Learn the 4 DISC Communication and Behavioral Styles to improve communication and teamwork!

What You’ll Get

Do you think Tweets, Snapchats, and text messages may not be the best way to build relationships for effective communication? Do you feel that you have reached your limit of dealing with difficult people? This seminar includes a personalized computer-generated assessment based on the DISC Behavioral Model. You will receive very specific information about your communication preferences, as well as how to effectively “read” and communicate with others.


Our program will cover the following:

  • The universal language of the DISC Model
  • The importance of understanding individual strengths and potential limitations
  • Recognizing the motivational drives and fears in yourself and others
  • Learn how to “read” others and adapt your style for better communication
  • Identify potential stresses and ways you can recharge your batteries

This session is organized in a simple, easy, and fun format, enabling you to better manage your team! Sign up today!

Cost: Contact us for more information!

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