The Essentials to Managing and Growing Your Business Profitably

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Looking for a quick overview to better run and manage your business? In this fast-paced, half day workshop  you’ll get a sneak peak at our Small Business Mastery Program!

What You’ll Get

Running your business comes down to being good at managing two things; Numbers and People. In this fast-paced half-day workshop we will highlight the essential factors of understanding your numbers and your people as well as cover the “10 Secrets to Achieving Results in Your Small Business” based on the patterns of success and failure we’ve observed over 38 years and after working with thousands of businesses.

Success in business cannot be guaranteed. Knowing your numbers and people is the key. Apply our 10 Secrets, and your chances of success will be far greater!


Financial Skills: To Better Understand, Manage and Improve Cash Flow

  • Tips to increase cash flow
  • Understand and utilize your financial statements
  • How your business and personal finances are connected
  • Know your key performance indicators (KPI’s) and how to set them
  • The difference between cash and profit
  • 5 critical accounting mistakes to avoid
  • How to implement a bookkeeping system to keep track of all cash coming in and going out
  • Maintain a proper audit trail, with checks and balances and proper record keeping
  • Ideas on how to run your small business more profitably and successfully


Communication and People Skills: For Better Communication, Teamwork, Customer Service and Increased Sales

  • The universal language of the DISC Model
  • Understand a person’s natural communication style and how it impacts your communication and theirs
  • The importance of understanding individual strengths and potential limitations
  • Recognizing the motivational drives and fears in yourself and others
  • Learn how to “read” others communication style and adapt your communication style
  • Learn how to “read” others buying styles and adapt your selling style to increase sales
  • Potential stressors for you and ways to recharge your batteries


Decision Making Skills: 10 Secrets to Results to Guide your Decision Making and Success

  1. Product or Service Exceeds Customer Expectations
  2. Quality, Well Trained Staff
  3. Owners Work ON Their Business, Not IN Their Business
  4. Solid Financial Equity
  5. Learning is a Life-Long Commitment
  6. Owner Must Have Integrity
  7. Owners Have a Passion for Their Business
  8. Deal with Facts and Not Opinions
  9. Grow Smart by Setting Written Goals
  10. Have and Know Your Business Model


Please note this session may be filmed.

This session is organized in a simple, easy, and fun format, enabling you to better manage your small business! Sign up today!

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