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Introductory Business Workshops

Business Essentials Series

Whether you are eagerly starting out your business or are looking to learn something new, our Business Essentials Series is the perfect way to jump-start your results.

Our Business Essentials Series is more than just a small taste test of our programs. There’s a lot more to bite into! You’ll walk out of our classes feeling inspired and ready to use your new skills and tools immediately, achieving the goals you set out to hit. You’ll learn about communication styles, how you can be a more motivating and inspiring leader, and how you can make a more profound impact on your small business.

The Business Essential Series are great workshops for your core management team. Even if you, as an owner, have grasped the essentials, give your team a better understanding of the organization, providing a strong foundation for their continued success. As a result, your organization will become more powerful, working together to achieve what’s possible!

“Even though I knew nothing about today’s topics and was nervous coming in, I immediately felt at ease. I was comfortable interacting and enjoyed the day, learned a lot.”

Kim Seidler, Cousins Subs – Business Consultant

Influence Growth Through Small Business Workshops

Our Essentials Series Workshops

You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s why we are here to help! These essential workshops help you firmly grasp key areas such as cash flow, leadership, taxes, and overall growth within your company. We will walk you through what you are doing well, where you can improve, and what you can do to evolve in your small business to maximize results.

Cash Flow Essentials

A workshop designed specifically for business owners and managers, we will walk you through how to implement a numbers-based strategy and how to read your financial statements, while learning how to increase your cash flow.

Leadership Essentials

Don’t just manage! Lead your company to be successful. You’ll learn about leadership and communication styles needed in your business. We’ll discuss how to recognize your own leadership style, identify other styles, and how to adapt to customers, employees, and prospects to be a more effective leader and communicator. Leading a team can be hard, but this workshop will make you more confident in your personal leadership!

Tax Essentials

Small business taxes and tax brackets are confusing. They change all the time. This class will help provide a big picture understanding of key tax laws and practices and how they impact your organization.

Growth Essentials

Set and achieve your vision. If you have the entrepreneurial bug to grow, this workshop is for you. We’ll help you find healthy ways to reflect on your past and set goals for your future in this growth-focused workshop!

Business Essentials

Running your business comes down to being good at managing two things; Numbers and People. Learn the essentials to understanding the story your numbers are telling you about your business, and fundamental leadership styles that will empower you to better understand yourself, others and how to enhance your communication and leadership to lead your team to success!

Sales Essentials

With three simple topics; asking for the business, handling objections and closing the sale, you will never look at Sales the same again. After this workshop, you will find the joy, passion, and fun of selling with your new-found skills and perspective on the ins and outs of Sales!

Team & Hiring Essentials

Currently with the tight job market, finding qualified talent is getting harder. Having the essential skills to hire, motivate, and communicate is essential for your business. Learn the basic tools and essentials needed to help to create better communication, grow relationships, and form a stronger bond with your team and clients.

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june, 2022

june, 2022

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