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At EWH University, we have three key areas of focus with our People. Numbers. Self. approach. Through our workshops, we help you and your team understand these three key areas and then apply them with ongoing implementation and coaching, leading to even greater success in your business!

You are not alone when it comes to managing your small business. At EWH University, we are committed to giving you a fresh perspective on things you struggle with every day. We offer tools, ideas, and strategies that can help you out of your rut and accelerate your results.

Our coaching and support services can drive real action in your business, as well as provide the level of accountability and momentum you need to be successful. Find your strategic direction and how our coaches can be confidential sounding boards for your small business.

“After finishing the class, I have less to worry about in my business finances. I no longer feel helpless about how to grow my business. I can now set goals that are reasonable and accurate.”

Dr. Thomas Matzke, Matzke Chiropractic (De Pere, WI)

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Small Business Coaching & Support

People. Numbers. Self. A Coaching Trio!

Is your team struggling to work together? Are you looking to add a new employee but don’t know where to start? Are you failing to close sales, generate leads, or develop a consistent sales process that produces results? Do you struggle to maintain profitability or just make payroll without tapping into your savings? Knowledge is nothing without execution.

As a graduate of our workshop programs, we can help you conquer the day-to-day implementation and achieve the most important checkpoints on your strategic roadmap. Our coaching services provide accountability, helping you improve processes and keep you on track to achieve the long-term financial, sales, and leadership goals you set out to conquer!

Your Team, Prospects & Clients

The saying goes, “it’s lonely at the top.” But at EWH University, our coaches help you achieve strong leadership and team skills by understanding and leveraging the people inside and outside your organization. We provide:

DISC & Motivators
Partner/Employee Coaching Sessions & Debriefs
Conflict Resolution
Job Benchmarking
Sales & Customer Service Training
Leadership & Team Building

Sales, Profits, Cash Flow & KPIs

As your financial coach, we focus on financial skills development. From understanding your financial statements to controlling, managing, and forecasting cash, you can achieve more in your small business through:

Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting
Loan Ready Program
Sales Forecasting
Break-Even Analysis
Personal & Household Budgets
Debt Reduction Strategies

Your Business is a Reflection of You!

You’re the glue that holds your business together. As your personal coach, we focus on supporting your personal growth, dreams, and goals. This helps make your business something you’re proud of, bringing enjoyment and fulfillment to what it means to “be your own boss”:

Leadership & Accountability
Gaining Clarity
Creating & Accelerating Momentum
Personal & Professional Development Plans & Programs

Your Coach - Joseph Hastreiter

With certifications in coaching and five different talent assessments, Joseph does whatever it takes to find new ways to help small businesses reach their best potential and get the results they desire and deserve! His energy and knowledge fill the room of the clients he so passionately serves. Meet Joseph and learn more about how EWH University can help you succeed!

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june, 2022

june, 2022

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